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Winters ups and downs!

Hello everyone! How about this odd winter we have been having?! One day its 45 deg the next its sub zero. This type of winter is no only confusing to us but to our good friends deep down in our ponds. Its is very important that we keep a close eye on our ponds when the temperature fluctuates so much. Make sure that hole in the pond stays open and that there is always enough water in the pond. When it is cold and dry water does still evaporate or worse it turns to ice. I went to check on my pond the other day to find it 4" low!! SO make sure you keep a hose handy that is not frozen. Also remember to never chip at ice. Use only hot water to melt new holes should your pond freeze over. Say hi to your fish for me and I hope to see them all soon in the spring!

Hole in ponds ice.

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