Small or large projects are always welcome at Aquatopia! We love doing water features because we can be creative with the client to create an aquatic oasis that is sure to be loved by all who live and visit it. Water is such a dynamic and soothing element but can also be hard to tame. Trust that with almost 20 years of experience Aquatopia can create a properly built jaw dropping feature that you will be proud to show off. Look below to get ideas and learn a little more of what we offer. Then contact us with any further questions you may have! But relax and have fun with it!!

So you have been thinking about putting a pond in?!

 You love the idea of stepping out onto your patio sitting in your favorite Adirondack chair and putting your feet up as you watch the koi munch down on some fresh food you just tossed in.  The sound of the waterfalls are soothing after a hard day at work while the sight of your little ones trying to catch a frog brings a smile your face! 

Ponds are an amazing addition to any backyard big or small. They provide everyone in the family with something to appreciate. Not only that they add value to your home and your life!

Because ponds are living breathing additions to your home they require a basic knowledge and understanding of ecology that anyone can grasp. Ponds that are built correctly will be low maintenance and look like MotherNature herself built it. Don't get discouraged by what someone else may have told you or what you read online in some crazy forum. Ponds are worth putting in and we can help design/install/and maintain your investment that you will love everyday of the year. Do not wait any longer and start living in your backyard not just looking at it! Best of all Ponds start at around $4,500 installed!

Small to Big .. Goldfish or Koi!



Get your feet wet with a fountain!!

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to get yourself started into the world of water features?
Then a fountain is just the ticket! There are endless possibilities with a fountain. They can be small enough to sit on your office desk or large enough to fill up that dead space in your garden. You can choose from a catalogue of products or have us design something unique just for you.  From natural to formal a fountain can be just what your garden, home or business needs. Buy a little piece of paradise to ease those stressful days at work or sooth your mind at home after a hard day. Most garden fountains start at $500 and average $1,000.


The soothing sounds of water with almost zero maintenance!

Pondless® Waterfalls are by far our best seller here at Aquatopia and for good reason. They hold almost all of the elements and features that a Pond has to offer without any large bodies of water and fish. What this gives you is a recirculating waterfall and stream that provides that oh so soothing water sound, beautiful aquatic plants, and attracts treasured butterflies to name a few. 

People that have safety concerns or perhaps travel often will always pick a Pondless Waterfall over a pond. Pondless Waterfalls often are less expensive to install and have almost no maintenance when compared to an already low maintenance pond. Operating costs are also much less as there is no need to run a large pump 24/7. 

So if you love the sound of water but do not love fish then a Pondless Waterfall is the right choice for you. Let us show you where and how we can put one in your yard or business and start enjoying the the therapeutic sounds of water today! Pondless Waterfalls start at $2.500 installed!!   


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