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You Get What You Pay For?!

Prestine Pond

I'm sure we all by now have heard the statement before. "You Get What You Pay For". For the most part it is very true. As a consumer (me included) we always are concerned with price and trying to get all the things we want within our budget. All too often we focus more on the price rather than the value. But we the consumer must not forget that a big price does not always mean a big value and a low price does not always mean low value. We have to remember to ask the right questions and do the research.

It is interesting because in my sales meetings I sometimes get opposite reactions from clients regarding my prices on certain services or installs. Most think my prices are surprisingly low and then question why, I then get a handful of others who think I am way over priced. The truth in the matter is that compared to others in my field I do tend to be more reasonable. The reason why is simple. I am a small company with much less over head. Does this mean you get less value for you dollar? Absolutely not! Does this mean you get poor quality products? Not at all! What this means is you get the most VALUE for your hard earned dollar. Often projects can be expanded or that same client can also spend money on something else they have been waiting to do. One example I would like to mention is a client wanted a very small pondless waterfall installed. The project would take 1.5 days . He wanted it a very specific way. He talked to my references and was so excited but could not understand why I was over $3,000 cheaper than my competitor! One answer... Overhead! So don't forget .. shop around.. ask your research.. you might be surprised what you find out! PS the client was over the moon happy with the project! :)

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